Tastes so good, you just might die.




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Packaging Design, Chocolate, Food

The Story

Death By Chocolate is a sole proprietorship chocolate manufacturer based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The company was originally founded by Enrique Iglesias on March 4, 2015 and has been in business for a few years now, with popularity for their products increasing heavily over the past year. Iglesias left his career as a musician to chase his dream of making high level, gourmet chocolate bars. His background in the chocolate field started when he graduated from Yale with a Bachelors in Chocolatology and a Masters in Flavoristics. Iglesias’s unique background gave him the skill-set he needed to create a chocolate brand like no other...just kidding.

The Design

Death by Chocolate is a self-initiated project covering a fictitious chocolate brand identity that takes inspiration from traditional Dia De Los Muertos candy skulls. From the logo to the unique coffin shaped bars, nothing about Death by Chocolate is conventional. With chocolate bars that “taste so good you just might die”, Death by Chocolate is a brand you’ll wish existed in the real world...and not just the inner machinations of my twisted mind.

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