Everything I do starts with the humans I design for.

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Too often, we define the people we design for by narrow characteristics and titles like “clients” and “stakeholders”. Unfortunately, these identifiers restrict our vision as designers before we’ve even gotten the creative brief. At times, even the title “designer” can have an adverse effect on the way we approach a problem.  At Lejit Designs I believe that designing the best possible deliverables and achieving the most effective solutions requires a shift in perspective. Instead of viewing design interactions as designer  to stakeholder, I see each interaction as human to human. Allowing ourselves to view each other as human beings allows for a breadth of communication not possible when we restrict our vision to narrow titles. Human beings have unique characteristics, emotions, experiences, struggles, ideas...the list goes on. By tapping into the uniqueness that is innate in every human being, we create designs that are far more original and indicative of the people and companies they represent. For this reason, Lejit Designs always strives to embody the company mantra: Design, made human.

Two sides to every story

Lejit Designs is made up of two brands with two stories: The creative brand and the focused brand. The creative brand is used for for creations that are unique, artistic, and organic, while the focused brand is used for creations that are clean, purposeful, and structured. Both brands were crafted thoughtfully with longevity in mind. I believe that there are always two sides to every story, and my brand reflects that belief.

Joshua Thomas 

Joshua Thomas is a human being that designs for human beings. Too often we define people by their credentials, or by what a piece of paper says about them, or by what a certificate labels them to be. Yet, these nameless walking-credentials are expected to design for human beings who have emotions, preferences, and idiosyncrasies. In a field centered around human interaction, it's imperative to make sure that the people designing for the "Human" parts of that interaction are allowed to be human themselves. Joshua Thomas is skilled in UX design, UI Design, graphic design, motion design, web design, marketing, animation, branding...the list goes on. He has experience using tools like Illustrator, Axure RP, Sketch, Figma, Procreate, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Character Animator, Photoshop, InDesign, blah blah blah. Tools are tools, skills come and go based on practice and usage. While Joshua has honed his craft through a wide range of tools and concepts, what makes him a successful designer and professional are the things that a piece of paper can't illustrate. Joshua excels in problem solving. He believes that there are no unsolvable problems, only solutions that have yet to be discovered. Joshua believes that learning is a cyclical process that should never end. He understands that being a successful professional means having a willingness to always learn new things and expand his wealth of knowledge. Joshua builds meaningful relationships everywhere he goes, because he maintains that solid relationships are the basis for successful human-centric design. Joshua welcomes criticism as it is the stepping stone to innovation. Joshua is a son, a fiance, a basketball player, an academic, a biracial man, a designer, an artist, a bibliophile, a friend, and so much more. Joshua Thomas is a human being that designs for human beings.

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